Introducing Our New Park Homes

On Friday, the 25th of August, we unveiled our brand-new park homes, a project that brings shelter, safety, and hope to homeless men in our community.

These new park homes symbolise what is possible when a community and its organisations come together to support its most vulnerable members. Our vision is to provide not only shelter but also hope and a fresh start to those in need.

Our heartfelt gratitude goes out to the Efficient Group for their great support. Thanks to their generosity, these park homes are now equipped with comfortable bunk beds, warm bedding, and clear-view fences, creating a secure and welcoming environment for those in need.

We are also profoundly grateful to the Department of Social Development Provincially for their sponsorship of these park homes. With their support, we can offer not just physical shelter, but also the promise of a better future.

Everyone’s support is nothing short of remarkable. Their involvement has transformed these park homes into places where homeless men can find shelter, warmth, and the opportunity to rebuild their lives.