Running Health Checks at PEN

Over a few days in July, we conducted comprehensive Health Checks for all PEN programs. These checks, conducted on different dates, focused on our three people groups:

Friday, 21st of July: Young Children Health Check
Monday, 24th of July: Youth Health Check
Tuesday, 25th of July: Vulnerable Adults Health Check

Our Health Checks are more than a routine assessment; it’s a holistic evaluation that delves deep into the core components that define our organisation. Imagine it as a compass guiding us towards success, a lens that highlights areas of strength and opportunities for enhancement.

We take compliance risk seriously, ensuring that every aspect aligns with the highest standards. Our structure is analysed for its appropriateness, providing a solid foundation for growth. Vital operational functions and processes are examined to optimise efficiency and effectiveness.

We’ve gained vital insights into strategies that will propel both our programs and PEN as a whole to new heights. These insights show us the areas where a little adjustment can unlock our full potential. By capitalising on our strengths and addressing our weaknesses, we’re creating a solid platform for growth. With these insights, we’re equipped to navigate the road ahead with confidence.

The significance of a business health check cannot be overstated. It helps us by guiding us toward fruitful growth and prosperity.

We’re excited about the future that lies ahead, fortified by the results of this Health Check.