A Glimpse into PEN’s Fellow-ship gathering

At PEN, we understand that life can throw us unexpected challenges, and sometimes, finding joy amidst difficult circumstances can seem like an elusive goal. That’s why we cherish moments like Fellow-ship, a special gathering of PEN staff that serves as a beacon of support and inspiration during tough times.

Fellow-ship is a heartfelt gathering where our PEN family comes together to uplift each other. Each session revolves around a specific theme, and during the occasion when these heartwarming pictures were taken, the theme was “how to find joy in difficult circumstances.”

At the core of these sessions lies a profound commitment to the well-being of our colleagues and staff. It’s not just about exchanging pleasantries; it’s about checking in on each other’s emotional and mental state. Fellow-ship provides a safe space where open conversations about struggles and triumphs can take place without judgment.

In a world that often feels overwhelming, these sessions stand as a testament to the power of unity and compassion. In the end, Fellow-ship reminds us that even during life’s toughest moments, there’s always room for joy, and there’s always a hand reaching out to help us find it.