Toys 4 Joy A PEN Christmas Gift Initiative

With your support, PEN’s Preschool Forum aims to ensure that Christmas 2021 puts a smile on our children’s faces, love in their hearts and develops their young minds with the gift of education.

Being involved with almost 3000 children, between the ages of 0 and 6, in 80 informal daycare centres, PEN’s Preschool Forum has an ongoing need for educational toys, activities and stationery to ensure the stimulation in our early childhood development centres.

Get involved by donating new and used toys-4-joy, books and educational equipment that are still in good condition. These can include:


Dolls, cars, scooters, tricycles, complete puzzles (2 – 60 pieces), fantasy or dress up clothes, balls, bean bags, hula-hoops, sandpit toys, water play toys and animals (farm, wild and pets).

Books and Educational Equipment:

Books for children aged 0-6, Prestik, Fat wax crayons, Fat permanent markers, Fat koki pens, Scissors for children, Black and blue ball point pens, Wood glue, Glue applicators, Glue sticks eg. Pritt/bostic etc., 72 page exercise books with lines, 2 quire hardcover books, Rulers, Erasers, pencil sharpeners, HB pencils, Powder paint, Food colouring, A3 and A4 flip files is, Coloured paper and cardboard, Glitter and glitter glue, Collage materials – feathers, stickers, pom- poms, ice cream sticks, coloured pipe cleaners, Coloured chalk, and Paint brushes – all sizes.

Drop your donations at any of our associated churches nearest you:

Centurion: Kerk-Sonder-Mure ( H/V Hippo & Hendrik Verwoerd Laan Centurion)
Overkruin: NG Kerk Overkruin ( De Villebois Mareuil laan, Pretorius Park)
Oosterlig: NG Kerk Oosterlig ( Cussonia Laan, Val De Grace)

Please contact the above mentioned churches for business hours and dates. We will also be accepting donations in January.

Make Christmas 2021 an unforgettable Christmas for our young children and the future of our nation with PEN’s Preschool Forum.