I came to PEN when I was in Grade 5 and enjoyed the bible clubs, the camps and the computer centre. When I went to high school, I became part of the Celebration Show (performing arts program at PEN) and rose from just an ordinary performer to one of the lead performers, which really boosted my confidence. I can say many things about the people that work at PEN, they are my family.

“I know who I am and I’m not afraid of the future.”

PEN helped me find a school, supported me when I was not doing well at school, disciplined me when I lost my way a little, and provided my mother and aunt with the support they needed as single mothers. I understand who I am and I’m not afraid of the future because I know I have the support that I need to move forward. I passed my Grade 12 last year. My 2 siblings and cousin are part of PEN also and the story continues…