PEN Life preperation camp 2023

PEN’s Life Preparation Camp was held during the past long weekend. We focus on equipping teens to transition smoothly from secondary school to tertiary or work life. We understand that many teenagers struggles with the demands of adult life, whether it is adjusting to university, college, or finding a job. That’s why we created a unique and engaging experience to prepare them for life after school.

During the camp, we offered a range of activities that were focused on building essential life skills. We helped them create their CVs, participated in a make-believe game that simulated real-life scenarios, motivational talks, and even obstacle courses. Our make-believe game was incredibly immersive, completed with banks, police stations, hospitals, and many other exciting elements. Each scenario was tailored to the individual’s personality, so everyone faced their own unique challenges.

Our “Life People” observed their learners throughout the make-believe game, and the following day they provided one-on-one sessions to create personalised development plans. We also encouraged learners to choose an accountability buddy, someone to share their experiences with and learn from.

One of the highlights of our program was our gala evening, where learners dressed in formal attire and enjoyed a three-course meal. Our staff members became waiters and waitresses for the evening, and the hall was transformed into a fancy restaurant. Before the meal, we taught them proper table etiquette, such as how to use a fork and knife, sit, and how to enjoy each course. These skills will come in handy in professional settings as they become adults.