Looking back on 2022, we are reminded of Winston Churchill’s wise words,

“The farther backward you look, the farther forward you can see”

In 2022, PEN celebrated their 30 years of service, and we are beyond excited about the possibilities of a vibrant future. Drawing on the valuable lessons of our past, we seek to inspire and inform the next phase in PEN’s journey.

True reflection demands analytical thinking without judgement, and as PEN’s leadership, we embrace our theological foundation. Our original vision of serving the “whole person in and through Christ” has remained firm, as our dream for a future remains to help individuals escape the poverty cycle in order to build a South Africa where everyone belongs and thrives”

Here are some principles we would like to be reminded of in the coming year:

1. Being guided by the principles of our logo, we adhere to our four-colour philosophy:

Yellow: Listening to God’s voice, and proclaiming the Good News to others.
Green: Valuing good stewardship, to be trustworthy in everything God gives us.
Red: The healing community we must all be a part of; the same community we help to foster and invite people to be a part of.
Blue: Servanthood, leading and serving with humility.

2. We remain committed to Kingdom principles. No one person takes priority over another.

3. We strive to be an agile organisation, continuously learning from our mistakes and striving to do better.

4. Above all, we are dedicated to giving individuals the chance to take responsibility for their own lives, avoiding dependency and fostering a sense of dignity through one ‘s own personal achievements.

As we look to the future, we recognize the crucial role of early childhood education in shaping the trajectory of individuals’ lives. We are committed to supporting youth in finding hope and employment, and helping adults move from despair to dignity.

To achieve our vision of a thriving, inclusive community, we rely on the support of our caring community.

Thank you for your unwavering love and support as we navigate the path ahead.

– Dr Marinda van Niekerk