A Bounce and PEN partnership


Most people are used to the fast paced hustle and bustle of the city. For us, this may mean a bit of overstimulation, but for our children, crowded urban spaces can have an even more severe affect. Often children are left locked in apartments or homes where they have limited opportunity to play and develop. We understand that it is often safest to protect our children indoors, but if not exposed to regular stimulation, a child’s growth can be stunted.

Bounce Inc, a massive indoor trampoline park for all ages, seized the opportunity to give back to the community and share their facilities with those who needed it most. After approaching PEN, we came alongside Bounce and showed how they could best share the ‘Gift of Flight’ Initiative. We did this by giving the ‘Gift of Flight’ to the children at Sun Sparrows.

The Sun Sparrows learn to Fly

The kids of Sun Sparrows (one of PEN’s Pretoria inner city daycares) excitedly lined up to board the bus to their first Mini Bounce session. The program is targeted towards young children that help them grow not just their coordination, but also their confidence!

Starting small, the children clumsily began jumping along, struggling not to fall. That did not stop the shouts of delight as they jumped around! After attending 10 sessions, these children – once only able to give a small, timid jump – were now bouncing high into the sky!

PEN and Bounce

How best to use the gifts we are given is a problem many of us face. Every year Bounce holds the ‘Gift of Flight’ initiative. This is where one pays for a two-hour session and, in turn, gives a child less privileged access to the Bounce experience. By reaching out to PEN, we were able to guide Bounce as to how they could make a meaningful long-term impact in the lives of South Africans.

To relive the excitement of the Sun Sparrows 10 week journey, watch this video:


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