PEN’s Kitchen renovation

At PEN, our kitchen isn’t just another room; it’s the heart of transformation and possibilities. Our Youth project thrives here, weaving dreams into reality and nurturing young minds. Our kitchen serves a dual purpose – providing wholesome meals for kids after school and serving as the backdrop for their after-school classes.

From eager first-graders to ambitious young adults, our journey spans across ages:

Primary school learners: The afterschool program primarily focussed on improving literacy and numeracy. Mentoring and creative arts are presented supplementary (200 children). We also support a local school through school outreaches and a life skills program (1022).

High school learners: During the week the program provides a safe space for high school learners where we focus mainly on mentoring, and provide access to tutors, and creative arts. On Saturdays, a tutoring program is run to support academic progress. (100 teens)

Young Adults Work-readiness: Young Adults are connected to skills development workshops that will help them access employment or start businesses. Young Adults are also linked to mentorship education and employment opportunities.

Just as dreams need nurturing, so does our kitchen. Generous support has breathed new life into its tiles, floors, and equipment. With safety and hygiene at the forefront, we’ve given our kitchen a fresh start. Phase 1 is complete – the kitchen’s vibrant renovation. The next phase beckons – the creation of new storage space, poised to further elevate our impact.

Your support kindles hope and fuels change. Let’s all continue crafting and nourishing futures in our community.